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Enclosed auto transport offers additional protection to your vehicle

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What is enclosed
car shipping?

Enclosed car transport is a specialized auto transport service designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your precious vehicles. This option is mostly used when you’re transporting classic or luxury cars that require the utmost care, but it applies to any vehicle that needs an extra layer of protection. Enclosed carriers, while limited in capacity, typically accommodate up to 7 automobiles at once, ensuring that each vehicle receives the dedicated attention and safeguarding it deserves.

How much is enclosed
car shipping?

Enclosed car transport service pricing follows a similar calculation method to open car transport, but you can expect to pay approximately 30-40% more per trip for the added protection it offers. For standard sized vehicles, here’s an approximate pricing breakdown: Short routes (1-500 miles) typically average around $709. Medium routes (500-1500 miles) generally average about $929. Longer routes (1500+ miles) tend to average around $1179. The increased cost reflects the superior level of protection and care provided during the transportation of your valuable vehicle.

Is Enclosed Car Transport Right for You?

If you’re wondering whether enclosed car transport is the best option for your vehicle,consider these questions:

  • Is your vehicle a classic, luxury, or collectible model?
  • Are you worried about the potential impact of harsh weather during transport?
  • Do you have concerns about debris or hazards that your vehicle might encounter on the road?
  • Does your vehicle have any special modifications or features that require extra

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then enclosed transport is the ideal choice for ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable vehicle during transportation.

Important details about
enclosed auto transport

Peace-of-mind protection

We understand your desire for your car to arrive in the same immaculate condition as when you left it. Shield your vehicle from exposure to the elements and unpredictable weather conditions with enclosed auto shipping. The slightly higher cost of enclosed car transport ensures that your peace of mind is well worth the investment in protecting your prized possession.

Protection from Rain, Weather, and Road Hazards

Enclosed carriers go the extra mile to shield your vehicle from both the elements and road hazards during transit. While some customers may not be overly concerned about a bit of rain or snow, when it comes to exotic, luxury, collectible, or high-value vehicles, enclosed shipping offers that crucial additional layer of protection you can't afford to overlook.

Smooth Transport for Low Ground Clearance Vehicles

For vehicles with low ground clearance, the use of hydraulic lift gates becomes essential during the loading and unloading process. These specialized lift gates are exclusively available with enclosed auto transport. When making your booking, be sure to inform our enclosed auto transport quote specialists of your vehicle's low ground clearance, and they will ensure that your enclosed car shipping service includes this crucial feature for a seamless and safe transport experience

Your enclosed auto transport partner

Whether you're transporting a single vehicle or multiple ones, Monarch is your go-to source for enclosed car transportation services. While many enclosed car transport companies claim to offer the best deals, Monarch stands out by leveraging our extensive network of thousands of verified enclosed car haulers to consistently deliver the finest service in the industry. Your luxury auto transport needs are in capable hands with us.

Why choose Monarch for
enclosed auto transport?

Preferred network of carriers

When it comes to exotic auto transport, Monarch not only makes it easy but also guarantees security. Our dedicated team meticulously reviews and vets every enclosed car hauler company within our network. This commitment ensures that you receive a trusted and dependable service, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve for your precious exotic vehicles.

Additional Insurance

Every carrier company, including those specializing in classic car haulage, undergoes thorough vetting to ensure compliance with elevated insurance standards. This ensures that your vehicle benefits from additional coverage throughout its journey. Customers who transport high-value or classic vehicles frequently opt for enclosed transport to provide an extra layer of protection and enjoy enhanced peace of mind during transit. Your prized possessions are in safe hands.

Price Lock Guarantee & Clean Car Promise

With our Price Lock Guarantee, you can wave goodbye to hidden fees and revel in the peace of mind that your quoted price is the final price you'll pay.
But that's not all! We take our commitment to exceptional service a step further. After delivery, we proudly offer a complimentary car wash to ensure your vehicle looks its absolute best. Experience the Monarch difference and enjoy a freshly cleaned car awaiting your arrival! Your satisfaction is our priority, from transparent pricing to the little details that make a difference.

Raising the Bar with Compliance Standards

Our commitment to excellence extends to our rigorous compliance standards. Our dedicated team of compliance experts continuously evaluates all auto transport companies within our network. This relentless dedication ensures that we partner exclusively with the most qualified enclosed car haulers, upholding the highest industry standards for your peace of mind and satisfaction.


Monarch’s exclusive “Price Lock Guarantee” ensures that the price we initially provide is the exact amount you’ll pay when your delivery is made. If the original price we quoted turns out to be too low to secure a reliable carrier, we’ll chip in up to $300 from your initial payment to ensure your transportation can still happen at the originally agreed-upon total price.

Monarch’s exclusive “Price Lock Guarantee” ensures that the price we initially provide is the exact amount you’ll pay when your delivery is made. If the original price we quoted turns out to be too low to secure a reliable carrier, we’ll chip in up to $300 from your initial payment to ensure your transportation can still happen at the originally agreed-upon total price.

Getting a quote is easy! Most of our customers can instantly get a quote and book their shipment online. If you have any questions or need assistance with your shipment, our auto transport experts are here to help. Just give us a call at (855) 983-5929, and we’ll guide you through the process.
We have different options to suit your needs. For most cars, we recommend using an open trailer. This is the same method used to transport new cars from factories to dealerships and is the most budget-friendly choice. However, if you have a special or valuable car like an exotic, collectible, or antique vehicle, we suggest using an enclosed trailer for added protection. For more information and to get a free quote without any obligation, please contact our auto transportation experts at (855) 983-5929.
You can cancel your booking at any time before your vehicle is picked up. If you cancel before a carrier is assigned, there will not be any charges. However, if you cancel after a carrier has been assigned, you will only be charged the initial payment amount.
You can use major debit and credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for the initial payment. For the remaining balance on the day of delivery, you can pay with cash or a certified check made out to the carrier, which is the most cost-effective choice. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can choose to pay the entire amount with a credit card when you initially book the service. However, there is a 3% credit card fee with this option.

The time it takes to transport your vehicle varies. It depends on the distance it needs to travel, the time of year, and the specific route. Auto shipments can be as quick as a day or two, or it might take a few weeks. Sometimes, severe weather and challenging road conditions can affect delivery schedules.

For a personalized quote based on your pickup and delivery dates and locations, please contact our auto shipping experts at (855) 983-5929. They can provide you with more accurate information.

Delivery Contact: The driver will arrange the drop-off with the person you’ve designated as the delivery contact. This should be you or someone you trust who’s at least 18 years old.

Inspection: It’s crucial to carefully inspect the vehicle when it’s delivered. This helps accurately record its condition on the Bill of Lading, which is like a receipt for the vehicle’s condition.
Payment: Make sure you have the payment for the carrier ready. Typically, you should be prepared to pay the driver with cash or a certified check made out to the carrier company unless you’ve made other arrangements.
If you have any questions, our auto transport experts are here to assist. For ongoing shipments, you can call us at (855) 983-5929